The Lumineers influenced by The Felice Brothers

The Lumineers

The Grammy nominated up and coming act The Lumineers recently had an interview where one of the members stated that seeing a Felice Brothers show really influenced him and opened his eyes to a few things in regards to putting on a great live show. The compliment about the live show from the Felice Brothers can be expected from most anyone who catches the band while they tour the country. While the albums are fantastic on their own there is something to be said about the way the songs translate to the live stage. The band knows how to leave a crowd amazed and it’s pretty cool to see that recognized by other artists. Below is the question and response from a member of The Lumineers:

Who would you say are three of your key influences? Are you inspired by any modern artists, or are your influences more retro?

Jerimiah: Were pretty varied, for me one of the most influential artists are the Felice Brothers. I went to a show with Wesley in Kingston New York, it was in the middle of nowhere in an old church that was converted into a bar/venue. The way they communicated just blew me away. They got a really emotional response from the audience and I think there was something none musical that I took away from that show. I just thought ‘wow that’s really important’. Not only playing instruments, that’s like the bass line that has to be good, but doing something none musical is also good for the audience.

You can view the full interview by clicking here.

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