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The Felice Brothers Interview
The Felice Brothers recently sat down with John Norris to have an in-depth, 25 minute long interview for his NoiseVox web series Face Time. It’s a very interesting look into the band who we have seen evolve over the past few years into something unique and different – in a good way. Everyone in the group gets a chance to answer some questions and let us know about what’s going on with the band as of right now and some insight to Celebration, Florida. Here’s a small excerpt of what’s written about the band at NoiseVox.org:

Exactly how many albums The Felice Brothers have put out depends on who is doing the counting, and what constitutes an “album”. Because a number of the releases from Ian and James Felice, brother and former bandmate Simone, longtime pals Josh “Christmas” Clapton and Greg Farley, and newest member Dave Turbeville consisted of reissued of older material, the Felice album count could be as many as eight, or as few as three. More important than the number, though, is the quality of the achievement: in the four years-plus since stepping onto the national stage, the band from little Palenville, in upstate New York, has become a treasured part of the folk rock landscape, hailed by greats from Levon Helm to Conor Oberst, traveling the country in their trademark Winnebago, singing gritty songs about badasses and misfits, and building a fan base that will travel thousands of miles, hit multiple shows and sing along with every word.

Watch the interview here:

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