Concert Photos | 07/11/2010 – Lancaster PA

The photos below are from a show at Long’s Park Amphitheater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The free concert took place on July 11th, 2010 and we were lucky enough to get two different sets of photos from fans who attended the show.

This first set of photos is from Jim Harris who has a professional photography site you can visit by clicking his name. He wrote the following on his blog about the show:

This past weekend we discovered the Summer Concert Series at Long’s Park in Lancaster. Free concerts in the Park every Sunday throughout the summer. This weekend was the Felice Brothers. I’ve been listening to these guys out of the Catskills for a couple years now, but had yet to see them live. If you get a chance, I recommend it… but get up close because there is a lot of energy and joy and commraderie up there on that stage!

Be sure to check out all of Jim’s many other beautiful photos at his site.


The shots in this second gallery were given to us by Forum member blueeyedjane. She had this to say about the show:

As the band stepped up to the mics, the audience members seemed to be settled into their places, like parents at a school play. But the Felice’s had other plans.

“Come close!” Ian made a come-closer gesture, shouting “We’re not afraid of you, if you’re not afraid of us!” Instantly , fans who had come far and wide to see the band, as well as some folks just really ready to have a good time and sensing one on tap, emerged from the anonymous chairs and blankets with big I-thought-you’d –never-ask grins on their faces and pooled at the front of the stage.

What followed was Felice Brothers perfection – a performance that brought sheer happiness to fans, charmed initiates who would be telling their co-workers the next day “I saw the craziest band last night!” and sent some of the audience, who were hoping for something akin to top 40 country, scrambling for their cars.

You can read the full review at Digger’s blog Take This Bread.