Concert Photos | 02/08/2010 – Richmond VA

The band had an opening slot for John Prine in Richmond VA on February 8th, 2010. These photos are from forum member bgill. Here’s his review of the show:

On May 8th 2010 in Richmond VA, the Felice Brothers played roughly a half-hour set when they opened for John Prine at the Carpenter Center. An upscale music hall, the venue was full of several generations of music lovers. My then-girlfriend and I had seen the Felice Brothers a few times before, but my dad and my uncle were first-timers. The Brothers came on the stage without a word and went right into a song I’d never heard before. The crowd, who I assumed for the most part hadn’t heard of them before, applauded enthusiastically after their opening song. Ian, obviously relieved, thanked the audience, saying that it was the first time they’d ever played that song (Fire At The Pageant).

“Wow…” said my Uncle Jim, admiring their nerve. Then the brothers got into the groove; playing mostly slower songs that highlighted the heart-breaking realism of their writing, impressing a crowd of John Prine fans who I can only assume have quality opinions on the merits of good songwriting. The band still moved and swayed like at any other show (my uncle said they reminded him of an Irish dance he once saw where everyone moves in different directions to the same rhythm), but their movements and playing were more deliberate and exact. Using a little bit of self-deprecation, Ian said (loudly, a little off the mic) “We’re gonna play a few more songs, then the real entertainment’s coming up.” The crowd laughed a little, but I don’t think the audience had any doubt that the Brothers were in fact “real entertainment”.

The Brothers’ reverence for the event and the man they were opening for was commendable, never trying to upstage John Prine, but rather complimenting him with their own brand of story telling through song. I talked to Jim (who had been having voice troubles since I saw them the night before in Baltimore) after the set. He thanked me for coming out. I said they played great, that it was “short but sweet”. James agreed. I promptly bought a Felice Bros. shirt (the one with the 13 original colonies symbol, my favorite). I then got back in my seat and watched one of the greatest concerts of my life with stellar performance by the legendary John Prine. Though they were playing for an audience whose majority didn’t know them from Adam, the Felice Brothers still made quite an impression.

Thanks for the photos Bryan!