The Felice Brothers

The Felice Brothers is the debut album for the band in “brick and mortar stores” as opposed to being sold directly by the band and was released on March 4th, 2008. The first of two albums for the Conor Oberst-founded label Team Love Records found the band gaining more recognition for their rootsy sound. Uncut called it a “mad celebration of life on the margin” and the album features many of the band’s well known hits such as Frankie’s Gun, Take This Bread, and Whiskey in my Whiskey. While many would compare the sound of this album to Bob Dylan and The Band, it’s really just the beginning of the evolution of the Felice Brothers sound.

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  1. Little Ann – 3:24
  2. Greatest Show On Earth – 5:31
  3. Frankie’s Gun! – 4:06
  4. Goddamn You, Jim – 3:25
  5. Wonderful Life – 4:04
  6. Don’t Wake The Scarecrow – 4:57
  7. Take This Bread – 4:51
  8. Saint Stephen’s End – 4:03
  9. Love Me Tenderly – 3:40
  10. Ruby Mae – 4:08
  11. Murder By Mistletoe – 4:41
  12. Whiskey In My Whiskey – 3:49
  13. Helen Fry – 5:44
  14. Radio Song – 3:51
  15. Tip Your Way – 5:23


Produced by The Felice Brothers and Jeremy “The Searcher” Backofen
Mastered by Richard Morris and Kevin “The Seeker” McMahon
Released on Team Love Records

Horns: Peter Buettner, Dean Jones, and Richard “Dick Trumpet” DeCosta
Cover Art: Todd Rawson and Ian Felice

Notable Tracks:

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