Celebration, Florida

The album Celebration, Florida was released on May 10th, 2011 and was debut album on The Felice Brothers new record label Fat Possum Records. Recorded at an old high school that was turned into a studio in upstate New York, Celebration, Florida would feature sounds that weren’t commonly found on a Felice Brothers release in the past. The band decided to try something new and evolve their sound form the same old folk/country sound. A lot more synths, loops, and drum machine beats as well as unique effects and chaotic backing vocals. It got the band a lot of buzz and added many popular songs to the live sets. For the most part reviews were favorable. Spin magazine gave the album an 8 out of 10, AVClub.com rated it “B+”, Entertainment Weekly gave it “A-“, and Uncut Magazine named it their Americana album of the month for May.

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  1. Fire at the Pageant – 3:33
  2. Container Ship – 4:16
  3. Honda Civic – 3:27
  4. Oliver Stone – 5:59
  5. Ponzi – 5:19
  6. Back in the Dancehalls – 3:34
  7. Dallas – 4:01
  8. Cus’s Catskill Gym – 3:53
  9. Refrain – 3:16
  10. Best I Ever Had – 4:00
  11. River Jordan – 6:30

The Felice Brothers would like to thank All of our families and friends, Simone Felice, Brendan Sheehan, Peter Rawson, Todd Rawson, Juan Carrera, Gabriel Gonzalez, Steve Nearenberg, Dan Fiege, Scott Bondy, Rudy Efram, Eric Dimenstein, Andrew Colvin, Pete Caigan, Richard Morris, Kevin McMahon, Victor Segal, Patrick Templeman, and Chris Athens and Michael Leedy at Sterling Sound for their invaluable assistance in assembling this album. Also, a special thanks to all our friends who helped us move into Beacon High School and set up the studio, and a very, very special thanks to Former Chief of Police Terry Kulisek and the Beacon City School District.

The Felice Brothers are
Ian Felice | James Felice | Christmas | Greg Farley | David Turbeville

With help from
Simone Felice – Backing Vocals on Ponzi
Jeremy Backofen – Drums on Ponzi, Backing Vocals, Various Toils
Adele Schulz – Backing Vocals on Ponzi and Cus’s Catskill Gym, Second Trumpet on Back in the Dancehalls
Nick Kinsey – Drums on Honda Civic
Larry Moses – Trumpet and Horn Arrangements on Honda Civic and Cus’s Catskill Gym
Dean Jones – Trombone on Honda Civic
Peter Buettner – Tenor Saxophone on Honda Civic
Kimberly ALexandris Hoeffner – Backing Vocals on Oliver Stone
Evan Williams, Jason Greci, Daniel Greci, Christina Scotto – Voices on Fire at the Pageant and Cus’s Catskill Gym
Rainer DeCarmine – Voice on Fire at the Pageant
A very special thanks to Malcolm Cecil for providing Synthesizers, Arrangement and Direction on Oliver Stone using T.O.N.T.O. – “The Original New Timbral Orchestra”

Produced By Jeremy Backofen (the Searcher)
Engineered by Jeremy Backofen and Jaden Harris
Mastered byChris Athens

Recorded in the Old Beacon High School in Beacon, NY. All songs published by Red Hot International (BMI) and administered by House of Hassle.

Notable Tracks:

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