God Bless You Amigo

The Felice Brothers have just released a brand new album of songs for only $5 and the reviews have been fantastic so far. The album, titled “God Bless You Amigo”, is a collection of 20 songs (12 originals, 8 traditional folk songs) and is available from GodBlessYouAmigo.com.

Below is the message from the band about this album:

God Bless You, Amigo is a collection of home recordings made in the spring of 2012. Due to a cloud of misfortune resembling in part the curse of Rocky Colavito, our home was nearly destroyed by a freak hurricane; our prized and seemingly immutable Winnebago was driven to the ground and mercy shot somewhere in Vermont (long may she stalk the golden highways of heaven); our singer and lead guitarist, Wall Street Panic Snopes, was hospitalized for an acute skin disorder in a foreign hospital; and then in what seemed a perfect finale, all of our amps sizzled out and died during rehearsal upon his return.

This made us go insane with laughter and play our favorite song, “Gulf Of Mexico” – which is also a known aid in exorcism – for what seemed like hours. The old fiddle tune had a strange power over the band, but our management convinced us that releasing a four-hour instrumental was a little too reckless, even for us. After much deliberation we all agreed that we should play more songs along with “Gulf of Mexico.” We all spit in our hands and shook on it. This material consists of eight traditional folk songs and 12 original songs that we’ve always liked, but never had a chance to put on records.

The proceeds from God Bless You, Amigo will go towards a new tour vehicle so that we can come and play your town, or enable us to go into a studio and record a new album (as we have a lot of new material), or to fix our amps. It’s only a $5 download, but you can give more if you are feeling philanthropic.

God bless you, Amigos – The Felice Brothers

Here is a track list for the album:

You can download one of the songs for free (“Lincoln Continental”) on RollingStone.com right here.

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