The Felice Brothers Interviews, Old and New

The Felice Brothers and KidsInterviewBands

Below I’ve got a bunch of links to some older interviews from back in 2012 as well as some newer stuff from 2013. Some interesting questions and answers from The Felice Brothers who discuss their two latest releases Celebration, Florida and God Bless You, Amigo. Be sure to catch up on these if you haven’t seen them yet. The NoDepression.com interview in particular is quite good and gets into the early days of The Felice Brothers as well as recent hurdles the band has had to overcome as well as the constant touring they do. One of the more interesting topics that comes up is Ian’s literary influences. Here’s an excerpt:

Knowing his love for poetry and literature I asked him to tell me a little about his literary influences. “I like a lot of British literature . . . one of my favourites authors is Shakespeare, but I read plenty . . . John Milton, you know Paradise Lost, William Blake, WH Auden, Thomas Pynchon, I like to read a lot of stuff, you can learn so much from these people”.

The above photo comes from the unique and charming interview that was conducted by Kids Interview Bands. The link to that interview is just below:

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