Celebration, Florida Released

The first album on Fat Possum records from from The Felice Brothers titled Celebration, Florida was released today and you can currently stream it for free at their website. You can buy the album on iTunes, Amazon.com, or from Fat Possum’s website. If you order it from Newbury Comics you’ll get a signed CD booklet while they last. It’s a fantastic album and the band really have outdone themselves this time. Evolving the sound a bit, while keeping the same elements from all of their past work. Be sure to purchase the record and write some good reviews for it on iTunes and Amazon.

Here’s some official reviews of the album:

The band has been on a roll lately, with great interviews and amazing reviews of their album and live concerts coming in from all over the place. Click here to read an interview with lead singer Ian, where he discusses the recording of the new album in an old high school and gives a little bit of background info on his life growing up. Hidden Track talked with Ian about writing the songs and the experimenting that went on while making the album. Christmas even showed up in an interview with the blog Rock Candy where he discusses everyone’s contributions to the record, playing with Conor Oberst, and their new record label – Fat Possum Records. Finally, here’s another Ian interview from JSOnline.com which gets into the relentless touring the band does.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of amazing reviews of the concerts that the Felice Brothers have been playing. This review of the Portland, Oregon show on 4/29 had the author calling it “the best show I’ve seen in a long while”. Only a few days later, the band won over fans in Denver, CO at the Hi-Dive with their passionate set. This great review from the Madison, Wisconsin show a few days after that describes a lot of the new songs that are being played and shows all members of the band some love. TheDailyPage.com called the show a “chaotic hootenanny”.

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